Private Label by G Designer Bridal Wear

Private Label by G has always had one dream - design high quality bridal gowns and offer them at unbeatable prices.

The company owners followed these dreams, but on one condition ... Simple is better.

Private Label by G always choose the highest quality materials, work closely with the production teams to control quality, and steadily improved their dress patterns year after year for the perfect fit.

The perfect fit begins as soon as the gown starts to be made. With custom measurements, PLBG are inarguably the best in the industry, and for good reason. 30 years has been spent perfecting their special measurement process.

There's a big difference between high value versus high quality. With PLBG you always get more.  You won't just see the difference - you'll feel it.

A word from the designer ...

"We double-check all our gowns before sending them to retailers, and every complaint is handled personally. Brides and stores aren't numbers. They're family. And we've built lives on these connections.

Who we are: PLBG opened its doors 30 years ago with a husband-wife team (who still love what they do and come to the office daily). Now, with the addition of their two hard-working sons, we stand firm as a family."

If you have an enquiry about any of these wedding dresses or wish to arrange a fitting, please make an appointment or contact us on 01228 596 332 /

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